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Welcome to Orison Managua.

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, a Tropical paradise only 2:20 hours from Miami and with flights as cheap as $ 220 idea and return. Here is Fun and Adventure with authentic and cheerful people all year round.

Life is really cheap here, bus passes are less than $ 0.10, fixing a tooth can cost less than $ 10, Ultrasounds and other Medical Tests can be less than $ 20 …

From Managua it is easy to get to know the rest of the country, all cities in the west are no more than 2 hours away by car and the main cities of the East such as Bluefields are less than half an hour away. The cost of getting around in buses or taxis is very economical too.

Managua has everything with its almost 2.5 million inhabitants, whether you like the strong emotions of a vibrant city or if instead you want a stay in the stillness of the mountains or relax in front of the sea.


Nicaragua is the Country of the Lakes and the Volcanoes, land of poets (Rubén Darío was born here), Musicians and Artists of renown … but especially of Fighting and untamed people.

Nicaragua is by far the safest country in Central America. Bathed by the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Atlantic to the East (Caribbean Sea), it is also a Tropical Paradise of Sun all year. Lakes and Beaches of Great Beauty where to practice Water Sports and lots of fun.

Orison is your home in Nicaragua, from our headquarters in managua we can connect you with everything that is our Country, you will love it and you will want to return always …