The so-called capital of Nicaragua, with beautiful architectural designs, gives way to the political, economic and cultural development of the Republic of Nicaragua. Come! I invite you to learn a little more about our beautiful city.

“La Novia del Xolotlán” or “Surrounded by Ponds”, this is how the City of Managua is known, the lands where different historical events took place in the 90s. A very clean and beautiful place that shows you in each place its values, the wonderful culture and its most popular traditions.

What do you say if we start to know the magical places that are in this City?

The Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park is one of the most visited spaces by families in Managua and even in other departments, thanks to its wide variety of children’s attractions, it allows children to enjoy a comfortable environment, where they can enjoy different sports and activities. entertainment sites such as slides, soccer, baseball and basketball sports fields, it is a place that from now on we recommend you visit, because it is not just about having fun, since parents can find a pleasant environment, where they can take a break while all the attractions are appreciated.

Let’s go to the Bicentennial Park, which is located a few meters from the Luis Alfonzo Park, a very nice and pleasant park, to cool off with the beautiful flora it presents, a cool environment to enjoy a soda and relax. But wait… this is not all, there is even more.

Known as the heart of old Managua, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago Apóstol, represents one of the most important and historical places in Managua, since it was one of the buildings that survived the 1972 earthquake, in addition, its architectural beauty is unique representing the magic of the neoclassical style.

The National Palace of Culture, for its part, houses the Diocletian Chaves National Museum, which presents different arts, beautiful murals and sculptures recognized and made by Nicaraguan artists.

Let’s continue now with the Central Park of Managua, which was inaugurated in 1899 and its iconic Temple of Music, popularly known as “La Glorieta”. This park houses the mausoleums of the war commanders Carlos Fonseca and Tomas Borge, main founders of the Sandinista National Liberation Front party, and Colonel José Santos López.

At nightfall, Puerto Salvador Allende is the largest site visited by tourists, as it dazzles and impresses them with its wonderful sunsets, in addition to being a complete place, full of bars, Nicaraguan gastronomy outlets and entertainment venues.

On your trip through Managua you cannot miss a stop along the Paseo Xolotlán, near the Port it is located, on the shores of Lake Xolotlán, It is a tourist complex with a great variety of trees, children’s games and various spaces to walk and share in family. We invite you to admire the replicas of the main churches and historic houses in the country, while you can see a scale model of old Managua.

Without a doubt, the City of Managua and each of its corners is an amazing adventure to enjoy at any time of the year, you should not miss it. Managua gives you some magical postcards that will be unforgettable for you.