Preguntas Frecuentes

How do I know if my reservation has been effective?

We will send you a confirmation as soon as possible (usually between a few minutes and 24 hours) after your reservation has been paid.

You can also access your account, send an email to, send an email through the contact form

Is there a time limit to make a reservation through our website?

No, make your reservation whenever you want.

Can I make a reservation on behalf of another person and pay with my credit card?

Yes you can.

Can I do Check-in with the reservation of another person?

No, only the holder of the reservation can make use of it, must carry an appropriate identification, as well as their companions if they have them, only this way you can check in.

Is there a shuttle service to and from the airport?

Yes, and this service can be FREE with consumption of $ 499 for your stay.

Tell us the time and number of your flight and we will wait and transport you to the hostel no matter what time you arrive. We will also take you to the airport when it is time for your departure.

There is a $ 20 charge for waiting and transporting you from the Airport to Orison Managua. And a $ 10 Charge to take you back from Orison Managua to the airport.

Do they have attention in another language besides Spanish?

Yes, some of our associates speak English, but we also use Automatic Translation applications, so you will ALWAYS be Attended and understood.

What are the hours of Operation of the Hostel?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, however our Main Doors close at 7:00 p.m. and they open at 7:00 a.m. but we are always here to open the door whatever the When you arrive or want to leave or leave to re-enter, there are no limitations on entering and leaving the hostel.

What is the check-in and check-out schedule?

Check-in time is from 11:00 a.m. however, you can register at any time. The check-out time is at (10:00 AM)

The rooms have air conditioning?

Yes, we have rooms with Air Conditioning, check Additional Services

Does the Hostel Have Parking?

Yes, it is Public Patrol MONITORED all the time, 24 hours.

Is the hostel safe?

Yes, Orison Hostel has a Surveillance and Security system 24/7 all 365 days a year. But Most Important: Our Neighborhood is Safe, Contiguous to Dollar Rent a Car and important National and International Banks.

Do I have to pay for the surveillance of my car?

No, if your stay in our facilities is in the day until 8PM.

In case your stay is prolonged and / or you must leave your car for a whole night, charges may apply

Can I smoke in my room?

No, but we can accommodate a smoking room for you. The smoking room DOES NOT HAVE ADDITIONAL CHARGE, but smoking in the room that is not allowed smoking has a Room Cleaning Fee

You can also smoke in the designated smoking areas on the roof. Orison Hostel is eco-friendly. Please read the no smoking policy in Terms and Conditions.

Can you store my luggage after check out?

Of course we can! For the first 8 hours there are no extra restrictions or charges for the storage of your luggage. After 8 hours there will be a charge of $ 3 per day / item. Stored luggage can only stay for a maximum of 10 days, if the luggage is stored more than 10 days without notice from the owner, the items become Orison Hostel’s property.

Is it allowed to cook at the hostel?

Cooking is not allowed in our facilities, but both in Orison Hostel and in Managua, and throughout the country, you can find fresh and tasty food at very affordable prices.

Also the breakfast of the house is free for all those guests with a reservation equal or greater than $ 19.99, for all those guests with a minor reservation, the cost of breakfast is only $ 1.49.

What are the benefits of having an account?

You can see your reservation at any time, Check the amount of products and services that we provide or have consumed, Receive Special Offers, coupons, etc …

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