Benefits and More Information

COVID-19 Free

We take the DANGERS of the pandemic Seriously.

We use facial masks, we profusely clean all areas of the hostel, we maintain social distance. We take care of ourselves and we take care of you …

Free WiFi

Yes, Always Connected!!!

Check In Fast and Furious?

Fast Check In with Deposit of 50 Dollars or 1,500 Cordobas and Pass directly to your room

Free Guarded Public Parking

Free in the day until 8 PM. From 8PM you have a charge of $ 1 x night or fraction. Private parking $ 2 day or fraction up to 8PM and $ 3 after 8PM Night or Fraction .. Valet Parking from 4 to 10pm $ 2

Central Location in Managua

In our neighborhood is Dollar Rent a Car, Casa Pellas, Main National and International Banks, Mcdonald’s, Price Smart, La Colonia Supermarkets, Class A Office Buildings, etc…

Surveillance 24/7/365

In the neighborhood we are friendly people, people from neighboring neighborhoods come early to do Jogging, Walk, Walk their pets on the Boulevard of the United Nations.

Needs to Cancel a Reservation?

Up to 24 hours before the arrival date

With reservations of $ 19.99 / day or more, The Houses’s Breakfast is Free * for one person (01), or ordered for only $ 1.98 for each companion.

Eco and Friendly Environment

Ventilated Rooms, Ceramic Floors, etc.

We do not discriminate against anyone

By Sexual Preferences, Politics, Religious, Race, Age, Nationality, etc.

Pets are welcome

  • Only in Deluxe and Single Rooms up to 2 People.

*Free Breakfast

  • For Reservations of 19.99 per person per day. 
  • If you have more people in your reservation, or if you have a reservation of less than 19.99, The Houses’s breakfast is $ 1.98 only, per person or additional person.

Additional Services

¡Welcome, enjoy your stay, we take care of the rest ..

 ¡Free Transportation * from or to the Airport

We wait for you at the airport.

Air Conditioner

Available to the Order
  • Unlimited $ 6.50 per day
  • 11 hours a day $ 2.99 from 1pm to 12pm

Discount Store

Personal Products or Accessories

Do you need a shaver, flip flops or shaving cream? Check our offers, we could have what you need ..

Cafe Bar



Free Breakfast of the House,

  • For reservations of 19.99 per person per day, if you have more people in your reservation (Except in Bedrooms), breakfast costs only $ 1.98 per additional person.
  • If you have more people in your reservation, or if you have a reservation of less than 19.99, The Houses’s breakfast is $ 1.98 only, per person or additional person.
  • The Free Breakfast is served every day from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the Meals Area on the first floor.


Breakfast a la cart.

  • It can be served in the First Floor Meals Area, on the Third Floor Terrace or Direct to the Room.
  • Our prices are ECONOMIC, please consult the Menu.
  • Breakfast a la carte is served from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
  • Lunch available with prior reservation of at least 4 hours, is because we prepare hot food. (It can be booked by phone or message).
  • Lunch can be served on the Terrace on the third floor, on the upper ceiling or in the room.
  • Our prices are ECONOMIC.
  • Lunch is served between 12 noon and 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Dinner available with prior reservation of at least 4 hours, is because we prepare hot food (You can Book by Phone).
  • Dinner is served in the Terrace on the third floor, on the Top Roof or direct to the Room.
  • Our prices are ECONOMIC.
  • Dinner is served from 6 until 9pm.
Bar Service
  • Available on the third floor terrace, in Co Working spaces or in the room.
  • Drinks, Beer, Cocktails, Natural Juices, etc.
  • The Bar Menu is displayed in your room, in the common areas of the hostel.

* Alcoholic beverages are only served for DRINKING CONSUMPTION.

Cafeteria: 7am a 10pm
  • Sandwiches, Cakes, Snacks, etc
  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Available on the third floor terrace in the room, in the Co Working spaces, in the Top Roof, in the Skyroom …
  • The Coffee Shop Card is in your room and in the common areas of the hostel.

Pets Are Welcome

For only $ 4.99 x día

Only in Deluxe and Economic Rooms up to 2 People

  • Your little friend is welcome in our hostel.
  • We say “small” because we only accept pets if they weigh 20 * pounds or less.
  • You must take full responsibility for your partner’s waste, but if you need us to clean them, an additional $ 5 fee applies for each cleaning.

* We understand that guide dogs can weigh more than 20 pounds and we accept them as such.

Invite One Person

Welcome for only $ 9.99 x Day
  • If you made a reservation and check in, but then you invite someone to your room (Whenever there is space in the room), the person is welcome paying $ 9.99 for any time, up to 1 full day.
  • If you are staying in bunk beds, we will have another bunk bed for your guest.

Laundry and Ironing

We accept all kinds of clothes

Ask prices at reception.

Hair dryer.

For only $ 0.50 Per day

Order it at the Reception $ 0.50 per day

Room Cleaning

Free Once a Day
  • From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • If you need additional cleaning, you must order it at the reception for an additional charge of $ 5.


Main Restrictions: Please read Terms and Conditions.

  • No access with Wheelchair
  • No access to people with disabilities or difficulty climbing stairs.
    • The hostel has 3 floors, without lift (people with energy and young spirit climb stairs).
  • Smoking has Restrictions.
  • Minors are not allowed unless accompanied by a direct family member.
Please read these policies of Orison Hostel - Managua.

1.- In the following content, the words Orison, Orison Hostel, us, us, etc refer to Orison Hostel Managua. And the words, You, You, You, Are, The guest, etc., refer to the person who make a reservation to stay and / or pay (Online or at our counter) to use our facilities, facilities, programs of Tourism Exploration, Projection to the Community and all tourist activities or related to tourism that are provided by Orison.

2.- If you make a reservation or only if you enter through our door to use our services, it means that you have read and accepted All the terms and conditions of this site, which are both the terms and conditions of the use of the services and facilities of Orison Hostel Managua.


Smoking, getting drunk and using illegal substances on the property of Orison Hostel Managua is prohibited.


You must be 18 or older to smoke, or drink drinks with some alcohol content. And you agree to be directly responsible for any person accompanying you must be at least 18 years old for the same.

If you are a Smoker, please ask for a room for Smoker. The smoking room has NO additional charge. But Smoking in a room that is not a smoking room has a charge for cleaning the room.

  • You can also smoke in the designated smoking areas on the rooftop (Enjoying besides a splendid view of the city and the lake).
  • Failure to comply with this condition may result in a $ 50 penalty for Room Cleaning.

Hallucinogenic Substances – Intoxicants

  • If you consume hallucinogenic substances, please do not do it if you can not control yourself and you could cause problems to our other guests.

Get drunk without Control.

  • One thing is to take a few drinks to break the ice and make a conversation pleasant and uninhibited and quite another is to drink without control, please do not do it in Orison.

Causing annoyance to other guests.

  • It is not allowed under any circumstances.

If you break any or all of these Rules, you could cause immediate termination of your stay at the hostel without any compensation or reimbursement.

If Causes Damages to our Installations we will demand payment for repairs.

Orison Hostel reserves the right to take legal action against people who cause damage or disturb other guests … without prior notice.

Sex in the common areas of the hostel Is Prohibited.

It is completely prohibited.
  • What you do in the privacy of your room is NOT forbidden. We respect the privacy and privacy of all our guests.
  • But it is strictly forbidden to have any kind of Sexual Relationship in the public areas of the Hostel, such as (but not limited to): common use bathrooms, shared bedrooms, the terrace, the roof, offices, the reception area, the kitchen, the corridors, among others.
  • Failure to comply with this condition may result in a penalty of $ 200.00. In addition, we may terminate your reservation at our discretion.
  • We may also request that you immediately leave the hostel facilities without any compensation or reimbursement.
  • Orison Hostel reserves the right to take legal action without prior notice.aviso.

Prostitution is TOTALLY prohibited.

We do not promote ANY type of Prostitution.

In Orison Hostel we assume and promote the code of ethics, laws and regulations that prohibit the prostitution of minors, therefore we do not allow the entry of any minor that is not accompanied by a DIRECT family member, and MUST be properly identified to PROBATE said affiliation.

Failure to comply with this condition may result in the termination of your reservation at our discretion, without any compensation or reimbursement.

Orison Hostel reserves the right to take pertinent legal actions.

Times Limits of a Reservation

Maximum Time: Stay as long as you want.

The maximum limit of a reservation is 10 days, but if you need to stay longer, we will be happy that you stay and we will even have better prices for you.

Minimum Time:

  • The minimum you can stay with us is 1 hour.

Check-In Time:

  • 11am

Check-Out Time:

  • Until 10 a.m.

If you do not check out until 10am Orison Hostel reserves the right to charge an additional day of stay. If even the next day you do not check in and everything indicates that you are no longer in the hostel, REMOVE your belongings to the general store. (Additional charges of $ 3 / day for each Suitcase, Bag or Backpack for storage). Orison Hostel or its associates and subsidiaries is NOT responsible for losses or disappearances that the guest wants to claim.

Changes in a Reserve
  • You can make some changes to your reservation, for example: change the name of the person in the reservation, but you must do it up to 3 days before arrival at the hostel, the change in the reservation is FREE.You can make some changes to your reservation, for example: change the name of the person in the reservation, but you must do it up to 3 days before arrival at the hostel, the change in the reservation is FREE.
Credits, changes and Cancellations
  • Canceling a reservation before 48 hours of the arrival date is FREE. (Except reservations at discount prices for certain seasonal specials or negotiated for stays of more than 7 days or long stays).
  • If you cancel a reservation less than 48 hours before the arrival date, we will recognize a credit valid for six months, which can be used by you or by the person you designate. You must announce the new reservation date at least 7 days before your arrival. You have to wait for the confirmation of the new reservation.
  • If we cancel the reservation because you failed to check-in on time or because you tried to cancel a reservation after the acceptable time or did not comply with any term or condition. Orison Hostel will not extend any credit or refund.
  • Reservations for Special Promotions or negotiated at discounted prices MUST be paid in full or at least 50% of the total reservation.
  • Advances for reservations with discounted prices are NOT refundable and do not allow changes, credits or cancellations.
  • In reservations of less than 5 days the client can cancel at no cost up to one day before his arrival, otherwise he will pay the entire reservation.
  • If the reservation was made, but not paid. (The credit card used did not work and the payment was never effective) We will notify you about this problem and we wait 24 hours for your answer, if we do not receive any answer, the Reservation will not be Effective. But if you arrive at our hostel, we will do everything possible to get you an available room.

  • If the person does not show up with the documents that show that he / she is the person whose name appears on the reservation. We will not be able to confirm that he / she made the reservation, but we can offer a New Reservation if there is a room available prior to the payment of the New Booking.

  • If the person does not present a photo ID We can not provide accommodation in our hostel.

  • If the person named in the reservation brings a minor who can not demonstrate a DIRECT family affiliation (Son, Nephew, Brother), he will not be admitted to our facilities.

About storage

Orison Hostel is not responsible for the damage of the items or the loss of any of these in the storage process.

  • Storage is a service available to all guests with a reservation and who have checked in with us or have completed the check-out process. This is completely FREE for the first 8 hours.
  • After the first 8 hours, storage costs $ 3 per day / item.
  • The storage of your belongings has a maximum period of 10 days.
  • After the tenth day of storage, the item becomes the property of Orison Hostel if it is not claimed by its owner.
Additional charges
  • The selected services have to be paid at the time of booking.
  • The charges related to taxes and the use of Additional Services can be paid at the time of check out, but the administration reserves the right to charge additional services at the time of its provision, this will depend on whether or not you left a GUARANTEE.
  • At the time of check in, it is at your discretion whether or not to leave an insurance deposit.
  • Orison Hostel is not responsible for any type of mistake you make at the time you make your reservation.
  • All sales are final. We are a Hostal of Economic Prices for which. We do not make any type of refunds or refunds.
Surveillance and Security 24 hours a day, Every day of the year.

Orison Hostel has established a system of CONSTANT Surveillance in ALL the Common Areas of the property, as well as Security Systems for the Protection of our guests, our Facilities and our associates.

If you make a Reservation in Orison Hostel Managua, you explicitly accept our Security and Surveillance system.

Guarantees, Damages and Damages.

All Guests MUST take full and complete responsibility for the damages caused by them or any person in their reservation, either within the room where they are staying or in any of the other facilities of the hostel.

That’s why we ask all guests to have a credit card as a guarantee.
Orison Hostel reserves the right to withhold the details of your credit or debit card for purposes that comply with the compensation for damages or loss of materials suffered by the guest and / or companions.

Additionally Orison Hostel reserves the right to initiate legal actions without prior notice.

Limitation of Responsibilities

The Orison Brand is NOT PART of the transactions between Orison Hostel Managua and its Guests. Orison is a Brand owned by Candice & Green Inc, a State Corporation of Florida USA. Candice & Green DOES NOT own Orison Hostel Managua, it only owns the Brand, the Orison Platform, the Service Standard Concepts and the Orison Brand Service Quality Standard and the Orison Franchise around the world. .

Orison Hostel Managua uses the Orison Brand under a License as a franchisor and is an INDEPENDENT business of the owners of the Orison brand. Orison Hostel managua, is a lodging place constituted in Managua Nicaragua, under the laws and authorities of the city of Managua, Nicaragua. If you make a reservation or enter our door to use our facilities, you accept that any claim you have to make for any type of incident with merit to Claim, Police Complaint or Judicial Demand, must be made in our location and / or relevant authorities of the city of Managua and the Republic of Nicaragua, for which, you renounce the jurisdiction of your domicile, or the jurisdiction of the domicile of the Brand that we use, and you submit yourself to the jurisdiction of the relevant authorities of the city of Managua, Nicaragua Republic..


Within the limits allowed by Nicaraguan law, Orison Hostel Managua does not accept any responsibility for events beyond its control, such as (but not limited to): earthquakes, floods, terrorism, protests, strikes, robberies of any kind, assaults, cancellations, delays, negligence of third parties, civil disasters, government regulations, acts of God, etc that occur in our facilities, affect in any way your stay or that occur in any facility provided by Orison Hostel Managua.

We recommend our guests and the community in general to manage or obtain insurance against all risks, including personal injury, loss of property, medical attention, theft of any kind, etc. for all your travels around the world.

In case of any adverse ruling against Orison Hostel in Managua, you agree that we can only be responsible for up to 50% of the services you have paid. If the occurrence that you claim occurs in a facility for which Orison Hostel Managua DOES NOT CHARGE YOU, but I give it to you for free, as a courtesy, then there is no responsibility for us in case of any occurrence in which you have been wronged.

Reservation prices.

The prices of the accommodations that appear on our website are based on one night of accommodation and do not include meals (unless they are expressly stated in the Offer), or other services that you want to order.)

These privacy policies are provided by Orison Hostel. These are also valid for your franchises, other subsidiaries, related to tourism, including partners and subsidiaries that operate in Central America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.
  1. When you visit our website, browse and interact with it, it means that you have read, accepted and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the website and the Products and Services of Orison Hostels.
  2. The personal information we collect and handle in relation to the people who use our website and our products and services is treated with absolute confidentiality; We respect and comply with the 1998 United States Information Data Protection Act.
  3. All information collected on our site, or in our call centers, is not shared with other persons or companies unless there is a third party involved in the verification of the information provided or for the processing of payment or by express mandate. of the competent authorities.
  4. The user of our site, product or service is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the information provided.