Economic Hotel, Central with Connections to all parts of Managua, Nicaragua and the World.

Hello everybody; This is our first article and we want you to meet us; Know what we do, where we are located and especially, how easy it is to arrive and connect locally, nationally and internationally from our location in Managua.

Orison Managua is an Economic, Friendly and very Clean hotel in the city of Managua, capital of Nicaragua. We are located a few meters from the United Nations Boulevard and we have several ways of stating our address. Central American countries have picturesque ways of giving directions; You should not be surprised if one day a beautiful girl tells you that she lives from “Where was the Ceibón 30 varas to the lake”

2 ways to write down our address:

1.- From Dollar Rent a Car (Casa pellas de Plaza España) 30 varas Este, 80 Varas Sur 2-story house with terrace.
2.- From Rotonda del Periodista 3cuadras Norte, 1 Cuadra Este, 50 Varas Norte 2-story house with terrace.

Managua is for you: 

You have to come to Nicaragua, we are a true Tropical Paradise, here Nature is Authentic, People are Authentic, life is Authentic, the sun is authentic sun and in Managua this Orison is for you. Take note of our phones, WhatsApp. Email, count on us being in Managua or anywhere in the world.

Our Location is Central, Easy to reach and with connection facilities to the entire city locally, to the entire country nationally, to Central America and the entire world.

How to get to Orison from Managua International Airport (or Return to it).

Take a taxi at the airport gate or let us know that you are coming to wait for you at the airport. Likewise, when you have to return to the airport, let us know to call a taxi for you.

How to get to the hotel from any part of the city or how to go from the hotel to any part of the city.

If you take a taxi, you just tell the driver where you want to go and fix the price before anything else; here is the charm of direct negotiation; You will enjoy it!!!; the same when you have to return you do the same; don’t forget to take the hotel address with you.

If you want to ride the collective transport, it is a special experience that we recommend if you want to enjoy first-hand a pleasant conversation on the street or on the Local Public Transport buses; Wherever you want to go there are connections from the stops that are on the United Nations Boulevard or next to the journalist roundabout (a few steps from the Hotel).

Check this local transport guide. See Guide 

Checking the map of Managua on your phone will be of great help: See map

International Connections

By highway; See the bottom of this link:Click see link

By Air: Augusto Sandino International Airport in the city of Managua. It is our air connection to the WHOLE world.

To travel is to live

Traveling is always a pleasure; knowing new places, making friends, living and sharing with other cultures. Traveling is Living and in Managua we are for you …