In the municipality of Ticuantepe, thirty kilometers from Managua, is the El Chocoyero – El Brujo Nature Reserve, the best known waterfall is the Chocoyero; however, for the more adventurous, El Brujo offers a tour of trails that are rarely visited.

Why is it called El Chocoyero Nature Reserve – the wizard

Its name is due to a popular legend that attributed magical properties to the place, since the water that rushes through the waterfall, when it reaches the ground, does not form a flow but what gave rise to the belief that it was haunted disappears; They were thus giving rise to the legend and the name with which it was baptized.

Chocoyero - el brujo

Main attractives

The Chocoyero is home to many birds. The reserve is famous for its green chocoyos, whose nests are near the falls. These can be seen in large numbers in the mornings when they take flight and leave, and in the evenings when they return. During the day they wander throughout the reserve looking for food. The best time to see the birds is around 6:00 am or 4:30 pm.

The paths in El Chocoyero have different length and difficulty. The Aventura trail leads into the mountains and takes six hours to complete. However, you will enjoy beautiful views of the reserve and the surrounding area. There are even a few cities that you will see from the top, including Managua. The other paths are shorter and will take you to the waterfalls. There are two waterfalls: Chocoyero and El Brujo. The road to El Brujo is steep but not that long. The El Chocoyero waterfall is about 30 minutes from the entrance and you do not need to climb to reach it. This is where the chocoyos nest.

How to get to the El Chocoyero Nature Reserve – El Brujo

From Orison Managua, you must take route 119 to the Roberto Huembes Market in Managua, there you take the bus to the municipality of Ticuantepe, a trip of approximately 1 hour to the La Borgoña community km 20.5 road to the municipality of La Concepción, from there you take motorbike to the Los Ríos community where the El Chocoyero – el Brujo Wild Reserve is located.