Orison is cheap Hostels of Digital Nomad style.

Orison Hostel is a hostel with the Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Economical, Free WiFi (and Good), with Inspiring Environments for Creation and Digital Entrepreneurship and Programs for Exploration and Experience of Unforgettable Experiences.

The world is much more than what you see, break the routine, find yourself, join Orison Hostels to live the Digital Nomad style: Creating, Undertaking, Exploring, Enjoying, living Unforgettable experiences in the midst of natural beauty and friendship of authentic people where we do love you.

Orison is cheap Hostels of Digital Nomad lifestyle. Traveling slowly to Explore, Living, Dancing and Working in dream places, meeting real people, sharing in communities and neighborhoods that will give a purpose to your stay and your life …

OrIson Hostels: you will always want to return

Hostel Plus 

More than an Accomodation to Stay

At Orison Hostels we provide environments for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Inspiration. Technological Facilities, Cool, Modern Environments and Inspiring decoration.

Always Free: Internet Connection, Cold Water, Coffee and Tea all you want, free of charge, like at home.
Orison Hostels: You will always want to return …

Managua from our Skyroom

Knowing – Exploring

Nicaragua is a Paradise of Natural Beauty and Bright sun all year round. But so are its people, here we are friendly, authentic and especially Cheerful, despite everything …

Unforgettable (Experiences)

The nightlife of Managua is vibrant, it does not have when to finish. Dance the night away, dance as much as you want. There are all the rhythms and there is something for everyone … Have fun, be free, life is short, make each day count …

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